About Us

Aastha Bhattia works for special needs advocacy and has around a decade of experience. She has a graduation in human development, a master’s in psychology, and a bachelor’s in special education from Delhi University. After which, she got associated with renowned schools like Springdale’s Pusa Road and Sanskriti School in Chanakyapuri. She gained knowledge by working in various clinics through hands-on practice. She has set up departments at various institutes with workshops and various awareness programs.

She has also done courses in learning disabilities, floor time therapy, behavior therapy, and jolly phonics to develop intervention plans. She works very closely with mainstream classrooms to build the curriculum and IEP that best suit the development of the child.

She makes intervention plans with occupational and speech therapists to work on the language, speech, and sensory needs of the individual.

She has been practicing in an aware community since she was a teenager, as she gets inspired by her parents, who had an older child with Down syndrome and have empowered all their children towards independence.

She has worked hard and has guided many families’ admissions, therapeutic interventions, and roles in future aspects. She encourages people to walk step by step to an aware community and mainstream children with different capabilities.