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Our certified special educators in Delhi have extensive experience in providing therapies for students with behavioral issues, learning disabilities, or physical disabilities with special educational needs.

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Children with Special Educational Needs

If a child faces issues related to learning or has a disability that makes it tough for them to learn at a pace that normal children of their age usually do, then he or she needs a special educational facility.

Specially-abled kids face developmental delays, which makes it hard for them to catch up with other kids in the school. The delay in reaching milestones can have a significant impact on their performance, whether in the playground, co-curricular activities, or even academics. Additional assistance is needed to help them overcome these barriers. Support can be provided through special education programs designed to meet a child’s needs and mental capacity. Experienced educational professionals trained to work with disabled kids are directed to create these programs and execute them as required.

Special educators in Delhi also work closely with parents to offer them support and proper advice on handling kids.

What is Special Education?

Also referred to as ‘Special Needs Education’, special education involves tutoring children who are a little different from their peers socially, mentally, or physically. This variation from other children encourages them to introduce modifications to standard school practices.

Special education is aimed at supporting children with emotional, behavioral, or cognitive challenges. It can also help kids with disabilities related to vision, intellectual, hearing, speech, or learning. It is recommended to impart this education style to specially gifted children with advanced academic abilities and/or orthopedic or neurological impairments.

Importance of Special Education for Disabled Students

Special education aims at offering dedicated support to children with special needs by introducing development opportunities and a planned learning process. This helps improve the overall quality of the child’s life. Special education, under the guidance of special educators in advanced classrooms, helps a child acquire knowledge while supporting their unique needs and abilities.

The technique offers great value for society as a whole. This means children with special needs can get an opportunity to be accepted into their community, which is important for their overall development. They will be surrounded by people who understand their needs and support them in whatever way possible.

What types of difficulties are covered by SEN?

Children with learning difficulties may face challenges in one or more areas. These may include any or a combination of the following:

Speech, Language, and Communication: Some children face difficulty expressing themselves or understanding what’s being conveyed to them. These kids either don’t like or find it very difficult to make friends or relate to others.

Children are often unable to make sense of the world around them. They cannot organize themselves.

Thinking, Understanding, and Learning: These children are unable to learn and try to avoid all learning activities. Some children may suffer from specific challenges with a few learning activities, such as reading and spelling.

Physical or sensory difficulties: Some children have a disability or a medical condition that affects their learning abilities. They may have a visual or hearing impairment.

Emotional and behavioral difficulties: These children lack self-esteem and suffer from a lack of confidence. Some are unable to follow rules, while others eventually get accustomed to their school environment.

How Special Educator can help children with Learning Disabilities

Every child, regardless of the difficulties or disabilities they have, has the right to the same education, support, and opportunities as others, regardless of the difficulties they face. Special education can help children with learning disabilities in many ways. It makes way for high-quality education for these children that syncs with their unique needs. Introducing special education will empower a child with a high level of independence to reach their full potential.

If you feel your child needs special education, consult our special educator in Delhi. They can offer guidance and help with the following:

  • Schoolwork
  • Understanding information
  • Reading, writing, number work
  • Making friends
  • Expressing themselves
  • Behaving properly in school
  • Understanding what others are saying
  • Interacting with adults
  • Inculcating good manners

Best Special Educator in Delhi

Aastha Bhatia is one of the best special educators in Delhi. She holds special training, a license, and many years of experience working directly with children facing challenges in the following areas:

  • Learning disability
  • Mental inability
  • Emotional issues
  • Physical problems

Special emphasis is placed on using specific strategies or techniques that work in the area of difficulty.

Aastha Bhatia plans and executes a special education program as per the requirements of a uniquely affected child. She systematically monitors all arrangements of teaching techniques and materials involved and makes settings accessible to each kid.

The education style is aimed at supporting students with identified disabilities by imparting specialized instruction personalized to meet their unique learning needs. This helps children eventually reach their fullest potential.

Special Education Center in Delhi

As professionals with experience dealing with kids with special education needs, we understand the importance of effective teaching in promoting a child’s overall academic progress and cognitive development. Our programs are focused on instilling self-confidence in children. We have developed a special education system under the guidance of experienced educators trained to handle kids with special needs in the realm of academics. These programs are devised to empower these children with the adequate skills requisite to overcome social and emotional challenges. Our education system comprises therapies aimed at facilitating a child’s success in learning.

At Child Therapy Needs, we are committed to developing a positive and inspiring environment for children through a system that comprises the following main components:

Speech Therapy

This is designed to help autistic children and others with special needs overcome language problems. Speech therapy will help kids interact with teachers and other children in the classroom.

Occupational Therapy

This therapy is devised to support specially-abled kids. It helps kids develop life skills, cognitive skills, and motor skills, which are necessary for accomplishing school work, and engage in various playful activities.


This is an important part of our special education system. We offer counseling sessions through our experienced counselors with experience handling kids with special education needs. They are committed to addressing the issues faced by the child. The educators in Delhi shall cope with the disability and manage it effectively through regular counseling, thereby enabling the child to adapt to the rapidly changing circumstances.

Aastha Bhatia

Special Educator

10 Years of Experience

Mon – Sat : 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
13/22, 1st Floor, Shastri Nagar, Geeta Colony, Delhi, 110031

What Parents Say About Us

Sunitha Gupta, Laxmi Nagar

Astha Mam is an amazing teacher for kids with special needs. She does everything from planning the therapy after assessing a child’s capability to its final execution. Astha Mam will explain everything to parents in order to keep the therapy very transparent, and she has proven herself to be the perfect mentor for my son. She guided us through every step of Shubham’s school admissions, engaging with family and society, and many other problems a child with special needs would face.

Rashna Bakalial, Gandhi Nagar

I visited Child Therapy Needs on the recommendation of my cousin, who had had her son treated last year. I was introduced to Astha Mam, the special educator. She is experienced in assessing the specific needs of children. I am so impressed by the way she guided my child throughout the learning process. The therapy is given after assessing the child's capacity and ability to learn. My daughter started reading after a few months of therapy.

Debarati Bhattacharya, Nirman Vihar

Special thanks to Aastha, mam! I am really blessed to have met her for my son’s treatment. We were under immense stress due to our son’s condition. Astha Mam showed us the right path to deal with the condition. Thankfully, he showed tremendous improvement under her guidance.

Kawaljeet Kaur, Bhajanpura

We are grateful to Aastha Mam, as we are delighted to see tremendous improvement in our child. I have literally seen my daughter improve under her care and guidance. She is committed to helping children and parents understand the situation and deal with it accordingly. Tons of gratitude and best wishes to her!

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